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Regular pruning can also greatly increase the storm resist of your trees. You must trim regularly your trees in order:

  1. To improve its look
  2. To improve its health
  3. To make it more storm resistant
  4. To prevent obstructing the power lines
  5. To prevent rotting


During the harsh Winter months in New York it is important to have  a reliable Maintenance company on your side. A company that ensures employees, customers and by-passers safe access to your commercial property. Keeping your business accessible to the public, clear from snow and ice accumulation during Snow storms.


Gutter cleaning is an ongoing and very important home maintenance task that should not be ignored until the fall season. Most home experts recommend that you clean your gutters three to four times each year (spring, summer, early and late fall).


We select quality products for the design of your walkway that are suitable for the environment. ACJ LANDSCAPING corp. Is a pioneer in eco-design and we use a number of sustainable materials and methods to create a catwalk that is environmentally friendly, functional and attractive.


ACJ Landscaping corp. offers a variety of residential and commercial masonry services, including historic construction, repair and restoration. We can work on any type of masonry project from residential, retail stores, office buildings, and more.


We perform our stonework with a variety of stones and materials to create the perfect design for your individual taste and style. The end result will elevate your project design and exceed your expectations. Our stone cladding designs are fully customizable and can include accessories such as stone steps, shelves, sills, and window or door trim.


Cutting a tree, especially a large tree, requires careful handling by highly trained personnel using specialized machinery to ensure the protection of your home and property.


Many factors contribute to the deterioration of asphalt, such as sun exposure, water erosion, oxidation, chemicals, freeze-thaw cycles and traffic. Our company applies all sealcoat emulsion by hand to the surface of the pavement. This application, as opposed to “spray on” applications, goes on thicker and therefore lasts longer.